Fruit Plastic Packaging Solutions

Jul 14, 2014

strawberriesFruit is one of the trickiest products to package efficiently. It has to reach the consumer while keeping the fruit within both fresh and safe, while not taking up too much space during transit and storage. Fruit is extremely delicate compared to other food items, and the shape of each individual fruit needs to be considered. It should also be a concern of environmentally conscious growers to reduce the amount of waste required as much as possible. Well designed plastic packaging is recyclable as well as secure and efficient.

There are many different fruit plastic packaging solutions available, each created to meet the needs of each fruit.

Clamshell. Available with or without holes, these are plastic packages that combine a lid and container in one. They come in a range of different sizes and styles, and suit small fruits such as cherries, strawberries and other berries in particular. They have grooves in the lid and sides to make it possible to “lock” them closed even after opening, so they’re very convenient for the consumer to store in the fridge. The holes can be made in the lid, base or no holes at all – holes keep the product fresher and allow it to breathe, but also allow contaminants in.

Open Punnets. A deep container with an open lid, this is ideal for fruits with an odd shape or an odd quantity. However it requires additional plastic packaging to seal the top, as well as an elastic to keep it on. They also cannot be stacked directly on top of one another, so this is another consideration.

Trays. Some fruits need to be held in place, and in these cases trays are a good solution. They come in a variety of shapes with grooves designed to hold each fruit safely, and can usually be stacked on top of one another when filled with product. They suit products such as apples, pears and others that bruise if they move around too much during the storage and transportation process.

Fruit can be a difficult product to store and package, which is why specially made products are so essential.